Zander, Editor

Welcome! My name is Zander and I have been grilling for 16 years now and counting!

My first experience with BBQ-ing was when I was 16. It was a small gathering of close friends in a garden. And boy, it was a mess, but it got me hooked on it. The crackling charcoal, sizzling food and companionship made what was supposed to be a disastrous event into a warm and fun night!

It wasn’t until the other day when I had a conversation with my friends, when we brought up this gathering that we had. And that, I should really share our experiences and learning over the years with others. Hence, this blog was conceived!

What Can You Benefit From Us?

  1. Learn from our mistakes
  2. Free recipes to try
  3. Handy tips for your next BBQ
In this site, all the content is written by me, encapsulating the experience of myself as well as my friends. If you find it helpful, you are most welcome to share it and any attribution to us would be appreciated!

Editor-in-Chief, FFL