Best Grilling Basket For Fish And Vegetables

The first few foods that people normally grill when they first got their sparkling new grill are steaks, hamburgers, and corn. But as you get a step closer and closer to be a pit master, you will find yourself getting more ambitious. That is when you started adding more variety such as fishes and vegetables to your grilled diet. And this is where a grill basket is needed. Why do you ask?

If you are looking for a fast recommendation. Consider Grillaholics grill basket for vegetables and WiseWolf grill basket for fish.

The models we are recommending in this article are:

What Is A Grill Basket And How Do You Use It?

If you ever encountered these situations, if you had not; imagine, your stalks of asparagus and sausages slip through the grates and buried themselves deep in the charcoals. You will come to realize you need some sort of container to hold them in while grilling.

Or, if you ever noticed, it is easy to slap a piece of fish meat on the grill at the start, only to find the meat starts to flake and falls through the gap, sitting just beside that asparagus that did the same thing just moments ago. It is also very difficult to flip a fish with just a tong, especially fish fillet.

A grill basket is handy because not only you can contain all the small pieces of vegetables together, it is also easier to turn delicate items that might fall apart, like fish.

Read more about grilling vegetables.

What Kind Of Grill Baskets Are There?

However, not all grill baskets are the same and neither do they all serve the same purpose. Let me introduce the 3 types of baskets normally found in the market.

Type 1: The Clamp Type

These types of basket are usually used to grill whole fish, fillets or chicken wings. It is made up of two sides of large weave mesh. You will wedge your food right in the middle and “clamp” them up before placing them on top of the grill grates. Often, they come with a wooden handle, detachable or otherwise. Detachable just made them it easier to close the lid of the grill without leaving a quarter inch gap.

These types are handy because you can flip everything at once, rather than having to flip each individually. And keeping track of which ones you have flipped is made way easier.

Type 2: The Shaker Basket Type

The proverbial “basket”. Usually used for grilling swaths of vegetables and smaller pieces of meat such as diced chicken cubes, mushrooms, scallions, sliced onions, potatoes, or bell peppers. This type usually has smaller “holes” or “gaps”. It is also useful if you are attempting to “stir-fry” vegetables.

Type 3: The Kebob Type

These are fanciful grilling baskets where the top and bottom frames are specially designed to secure certain types of food in place, like hot dogs or sausages. There are also some specially made for whole corn. However, I do think that the purpose of these special baskets is already well served by the clamp type grill basket.

The only added advantage that I can think of for these types of special baskets would be that the shape conforms to the specific type of food, thereby prevents any crushing of the food.

What To Look Out For In A Grill Basket?

Look Out For: Material

Generally, a grill can basket can be made from one of these materials.

1. Cast Iron

The advantage of a cast iron basket is the ability to retain heat. This is very useful when grilling vegetables. If you don’t already know, vegetables must be grilled with indirect heat as direct heat will more likely to have you end up with burnt vegetables. Cast iron basket ability to retain heat aid in that slower cooking process. However, there is one major downside to cast iron cookware, it is usually made thicker as compared to other materials.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known to be durable, and are able to withstand high temperature, even more so than cast iron. However, food is prone to stick onto them hence, it is recommended to brush the frame with avocado oil before using them on the grill. Before you ask, avocado oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil, which is better if you don’t want huge swaths of smoke coming from your grill.

3. Porcelain Enamel Coated Material

Porcelain-enamel coated frames can retain heat very well and doesn’t have the downside cast iron baskets have – weight.

4. Non-Stick Coated Material

Well, the good thing about this is that it is non-stick. The downside, however, is that it will wear down over time and you cannot use dishwasher on it. The non-stick coating means that you should also refrain from using metal tongs to avoid scraping the coating off, which deteriorates the lifespan further.

Look Out For: Size And Depth

While some may suggest getting one that is as deep as possible or as wide as possible. I think it is a misnomer as this is highly dependent on your grill. Look at your current grill and measure the distance from the grates to the bottom of the lid, if there is a lid. If you are going to use a grill basket, you will need to make sure that the basket can sit the grill even when the lid is down. Else, it will only be a liability as it limits the use of the grill.

Look Out For: Handles

I need to split this into two sections as the requirement for clamp-type grill basket and shaker type grill basket are wholly different.

Clamp type grill basket handles should be as resistant to heat as possible. It would usually be made of either wood or heat-resistant plastic. And some models might allow you to detach the handle. It needs to be heat-resistant because you are going to flip the basket every couple minute and it is not very helpful if you rushing to the ice bucket now and then.

Shaker-type basket, on the other hand, should not and I repeat should not have a wooden or plastic handle. Why? It is because the entire basket must sit in the grill, what’s more, if you are going to close the lid on it. If you don’t fancy more fuel for your grill or like having poisonous molten plastic in your food, do a double take before you take out your card.

Oh, and therefore, you need gloves to handle the basket.

Look Out For: Holes

In this regard, I would suggest getting one with smaller holes as the whole idea of using a grill basket is to prevent food from falling through the gaps. Having large holes kind of defeats the purpose. Have no holes is worse, you need heat to permeate the food. Having no holes in a basket, it would be the same as a griddle, no?

Look Out For: Ease Of Cleaning Aka Design

You are looking for a simplistic design without a lot of unnecessary flairs. Having too much creativity in the design means more complex cleaning up as you would need to twist your fingers in odd angles just to scrub a spot. A dishwasher safe grill basket is wonderful in that cleaning aspect too.

The Best Grill Baskets For Vegetables And Fish Now

Below, we have explicitly stated which grill basket is for which purpose. So, there should be no confusion about what is suitable for you. Also, we have left out “special” type grilling basket as we felt that the intention behind those can be handled by the other two.

#1. Grillaholics Grill Basket For Vegetables

Made with 430 heavy duty stainless steel, the Grillaholics Grill basket has become a staple in many Americans’ grates. This grill basket is small enough to fit on any small 14-inch charcoal or gas grills and at the same time big enough to accommodate up to four servings of vegetables.

The reinforced, rounded corners made durability an extra sure thing. The rounded corners keep your fingers safe while cleaning it. The holes are right-sized to hold your food in while allowing the heat and smoke to seep through, granting the smokey-flavor we like. Be careful though, as there will still be flare-ups.

Overall, the Grillaholics grill basket is a well-made, well thought out product that exceeded any expectations. Remember to pre-oil it with avocado oil to avoid sticking. A non -stick spray works well too.

The Product Specification

This basket grill measures 11.5 x 11.5 inches at the top and 8.5 x 8.5 inches at the bottom. The depth of the basket is 2.25 inches. It weighs 1.85 pounds and the material is 420 stainless steel, uncoated.

#2. Weber 6434 Deluxe Grilling Basket For Vegetables

Made with durable stainless steel, made and works especially well with Weber Grills or any charcoal grills larger than 18-inches.

This grill basket hits the right size to accommodate most elongated veggies such as asparagus and the depth is enough to stack quite several vegetables. The slit openings are well-thought out to prevents vegetables like peas or corn kernels from slipping out.

However, the very same slit design does have its drawback, it made it harder to clean. For a round hole, you can stick your finger in to clean it but for a slit, you might need a brush to do the trick.

The Product Specification

This grill basket measures 13.8 x 11.8 inches at the top and 8.25 x 8.25 inches at the bottom. The depth of the basket is 2.5 inches deep. It weighs in at 2 pounds. The material is stainless steel.

#3. Grillux Grill Basket For Vegetables

Another good grill basket for vegetables comes from Grillux. It is made from grade 430 stainless steel and can handle high temperature with relative ease. The raised edge and curved handles mean your food stays in and lifting it up from the grill is made easier.

The round holes that allow for that smoky flavor are smaller than a dime. So, other than small peas or corn kernels, practically nothing much can slip through it.

Knowing that most Americans uses Weber or Charbroil, Grillux made it be able to fit most grills made by them. Check out the dimensions to be doubly sure on that though.

The Product Specification

This grill basket measures 13 x 12 inches and has a depth of 2.2 inches. The measurement at the bottom is 7.5 x 7.5 inches. It weighs in at 1.3 pounds which is lighter than the above two baskets we mentioned. The material is 430 stainless steel.

#4. Mr.BarBQ 08106X Cast Iron Grill Pan/Basket For Vegetables

If you fancy a cast iron grill basket, then this would be for you. The advantages of a cast iron material have is that it retains heat longer than that of stainless steel. This is very helpful as you can serve the veggie palette with the basket, rather than on a separate plate and it can be kept warm for a longish period of time.

This model is also big enough to serve up to 4 people worth of veggies and it is very easy to clean too. Dishwasher can be used to clean it. The downside is that it is heavier than another grill basket we recommend.

One nit-pick I have with this is with the handle. I would hope to see the long handle be changed to a side handle design or removed entirely. It just takes up unnecessary space in the grill.

Overall, it is a great alternative to the stainless-steel basket that we are used to seeing.

The Product Specification

This grill pan/basket measures 10.6 x 16.5 inches and has a depth of 2.6 inches. At the bottom, it measures 10 inches in diameter and weighs in at 4.42 pounds. The make is cast iron if that is not already clear.

#5. Char-Broil Porcelain Pan, X-Large For Vegetables

The next grill basket that we will be introducing is coated with porcelain. If you fancy a basket that retains heat and lighter than cast iron, then consider this model.

Do take note that this material is also not non-stick so you would need to apply some avocado oil on it before using it on the grill lest the food stick.

Some users have mentioned that this basket will be bent from high heat but there are also others who reported no such problems. We think that this is probably resulting from the manufacturing process and should be best taken to the Char-broil. They have been known to make quality products so they will be able to help on if on the off chance, you happen to have this problem.

The Product Specification

This grill basket measure at 13.7 x 12.2 inches and 2.4 inches deep. Excluding the handles, the cooking area measures at 11.4 x 9.65 inches. It weights at 2.08 pounds. The material is porcelain-coated steel.

#6. Yukon Glory Set of 3 Professional Barbecue Grilling Baskets For Vegetables

If you are undecided on the size and shape of the baskets, why not get all variations of them? Yukon set of 3 grill baskets recognizes and solves that problem.

All 3 baskets are made from good grade stainless steel. While the manufacturer mentioned that it can be used to grill fish, and it probably could, but we prefer to use a clamp type to do that. We will be introducing the clamp type basket next.

This set also makes a great gift for your friends who love grilling, but you don’t want to spill the beans by asking them what grill they own. Gifting them all variations is a neat trick to avoid that question, isn’t it?

To be specific, the purchase comes with a vegetable basket, a circular grill pan/basket, and a flat pan.

The Product Specification

For the flat pan, it measures at 7.25 x 12.75 inches with handles. Without handles, it measures at 7.25 x 10.75 inches. The depth is 2 inches.

For the grill basket, it measures at approximately 10.5 x 10.5 inches at the top and 8.5 x 8.5 inches at the bottom. The depth is 2 inches.

For the circular grill basket or wok basket, it measures at about 10 inches in diameter. Depth is about 2 inches.

The “holes” diameter is 5/16 inches in diameter.

#7. WolfWise BBQ Grilling Basket With Removable Wooden Handle For Fish

This is the first “Clamp” type grilling basket we recommend for fish. Not that it cannot be used for vegetables, we merely hold the opinion that it should be used more for fish.

Made with FDA approved 430-grade stainless steel, this basket is made to last and it is dishwasher safe. As what we have mentioned, quality clamp basket should have heat resistant handle which this clearly does. It will protect your hand when you are flipping the food. There is also no need to hastily put on the BBQ gloves too.

For easier storage, the handle can be folded or removed, if you like to conserve space before placing it in the kitchen cupboard. The length of the grip is also comfortable to prevent burn without getting too awkwardly long that you have to wield it like a longsword.

It also comes with a lock function, so your fish stays in place while grilling.

The Product Specification

The grill basket measures at 20.86 (L) x 12.59 (W) and is approximately 0.7 inches tall when closed. The wooden grip is 5 inches long and the entire handle including the grip is about 10.84 inches long. It weighs in at 1.2 pounds. The make is 420 stainless steel.

#8. AIZOAM Stainless Steel BBQ Barbecue Grilling Basket for Fish

Who doesn’t like choices? So, another fish grill basket for your consideration comes from Aizoam. We believe that this model is also great for grilling fish or veggies if you like.

Also made with 430-grade stainless steel, this basket is made to be durable and to last a relatively long period of time. The features are very similar to that offered by WolfWise above, like a wooden handle. Hence, rather than telling you how similar they are, we will focus more on the difference.

First up, the size is different. If you have a smaller grill, you would love this. This basket is 13.5 (L) x 12.9 (W) inches and is considerably smaller than WolfWise, length-wise. The depth is about the same, measuring at 0.8 inches. It has a lighter frame, weighing in at 0.9 pounds.

At the point of writing, Aizoam is standing behind its product, figuratively, offering a 30 days money back clause. They are also giving a free basting brush to sweeten the deal.

The Product Specification

The cooking area is 12.6 x 8.6 inches excluding the handles. With the handles, it measures 13.5 (L) x 12.9 (W) inches. The make is 430-grade stainless steel and it weights at 0.9 pounds.

Grilling Basket For Convenience

For all those who love more variety in their upcoming grill, it is time to consider getting a grill basket. Not only does it save considerable effort and time in cooking those veggies and fish. It keeps the grill tidy and clutter-free. If you are still resistant to the idea of a grill basket, a boot-strap method is to make one with tin foil. Happy grilling.

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