Best Portable Charcoal Grill For Great Convenience

The first thing that comes to mind about BBQ is a big grill and that is one thing that stops many people from bringing one outdoors. But, over the years, manufacturers have designed and come up with several portable charcoal grills that provide the mobility you need. This extensive guide is made for those who wish to get that best portable charcoal grill but have no idea where to start.

Note that this is a really extensive guide and if you simply wanted one to start with, check out the Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill. This grill is affordable and gets things done. It checks most criteria that we are looking for in a good portable charcoal grill.

If you have the time, read on.

The Models That We Are Recommending In This Guide

What Are The Different Types Of Charcoal?

In stores, there are generally 2 types of charcoal. The lump charcoal and the charcoal briquettes. There is also a third type of charcoal called Binchotan also known as white charcoal. But we do not usually use them for BBQ so we shall not touch on that in this article.

These two types of charcoal normally found at home barbecue events and all the grills that we will eventually touch on are compatible with either of it.

#1. Lump Charcoal

Made from hardwood material, such as maple, oak or mesquite. These charcoals are also called hardwood charcoal. It is the most commonly used fuel by American household. You can find them in bags anywhere, from petrol stations to your neighbor’s BBQ party.

To determine whether you have bought quality lump charcoal, check the shape of it. Hardwood charcoal usually retains its’ original rough shape. If you recognize it as the shape of wood, you got a good one.

Lump charcoal doesn’t give off much smoke and generally considered to be less polluting compared to say briquettes.

There is a certain myth out there that posits perfectly carbonized charcoal churn outs more smoke and in turn, provide that smoky flavor to the food. That is not correct. If the charcoal is perfectly carbonized, there won’t be any smoke at all, let alone the smoky flavor.

The real smoke comes from imperfection – the little remnants of wood that remain in the center of the charcoal.

#2. Charcoal Briquettes

From the same slow pyrolysis process that is used to make lump charcoal, the fine dust will be combined with other fillers such as starch, lime or even coal dust. Then, these are manually compressed into the pillow shapes that you are familiar with.

Charcoal briquettes are slower to light up compared to lump charcoal. One specific type requires a liquid fluid to light up. However, there is also the instant of self-igniting briquettes, which doesn’t require it.

Due to the added chemicals to enable steadier burning, briquettes produce chemical pollutants at the start of your party.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Charcoal In A Portable Grill?

Advantage #1. The Price

Although the price of charcoal is relatively more expensive than gas. The cost of the grill itself offset the marginal price difference they have and possibly more. A gas grill usually cost in the range of hundreds while a charcoal grill can cost as low as $50. Moreover, a gas grill is made up more delicate parts than a charcoal grill. Consider this, a gas grill has the burners, the regulator and the gas hose. Any one of these parts get damaged and your entire BBQ is ruined. If you are not aware, the regulator is prone to wear and tear. Getting them replaced needs time, and even we disregard the time factor. The cost of replacing them takes a chunk out of your piggy bank.

On the charcoal side, unless there is a structural damage that makes the entire grill unusable, you wouldn’t need to worry about any of the parts not working – because there isn’t a lot of parts. Most of the parts are structural in nature. The only part that may need regular replacement is the grates. All grates will wear out over time, no matter the quality and the brand.

Hence, it is undeniable that a portable charcoal grill will cost less to purchase, and the maintenance cost is lower than that of a portable gas grill.

Advantage #2. The Weight Of The Grill

A portable charcoal grill is made up of only a couple of essential parts compared to other types of grills. This directly translates to lower weight. If you need to bring a grill outdoors, not to your backyard, you will have to make sure that it is light enough to bring outdoors. Do remember, you are not only going out with your grill, in tow, you are also bringing other gears such as chairs or tables.

Advantage #3. The Heat Of The Portable Charcoal Grill

As a general rule, charcoal grills can reach a higher temperature than gas grills. A portable charcoal grill can reach degrees of more than 700F easily. On the other hand, a typical gas grill can only reach a temperature of around 500F. For a gas grill to touch the range of temperature that a charcoal grill can offer, they would have to tap on infrared heat technology. Even so, they can only reach a temperature where it is barely comparable to a charcoal grill but not exceeds it.

Why is a high temperature considered good? Recall that a grill has to reach a bare minimum of temperature of at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve a nice sear on your meat. For a charcoal grill, this is no problem at all while there are gas grills that can reach higher temperatures, they’re usually on the mid to higher end.

Advantage #4. The Assembling Time For A Portable Charcoal Grill

With lesser parts, the assembling time for a charcoal grill is lesser too. Moreover, it is easier to assemble a charcoal grill as well. If you look around the net, you will find that there are not many guides written on how to assemble a charcoal grill – precisely because it is of little difficulty to assemble one that there is no need to write one.

When you are taking your grill outdoors, you are not going to want to spend a lot of time putting pieces together. Seriously, who has the time to wait for one hour to the food grilling? For a portable charcoal grill, one only needs to spend about 15 to 30 minutes assembling one, light up the charcoal and get the grill going.

Advantage #5.  The Smoky Flavor

Often, we grill because we love that smoky tangy flavor and have you ever wonder how we get that flavor? No, it is not from the BBQ sauce. It, in fact, comes from the charcoal itself. When high heat makes your meat sweat, figuratively. The drippings like grease, water, and fats from the food fall on the hot coals underneath. It turns to flavored smoke and goes right back into your food. If you close the lid when you cook, the sudden outburst of aroma when you lift the lid instantly whips up your palates. You will drool uncontrollably, and your stomach will start growling. While there are high-end grills that can emulate such a flavor, the original taste from the hot charcoal is irreplaceable.

What Are The Ideal Features That Makes A Charcoal Portable Grill Awesome?

Ideal Feature #1. Adequate Cooking Area

Why did we put adequate and not large or small? Because that entirely depends on your needs. However, in general, we do not believe that a small charcoal grill works – it simply isn’t enough to make enough food for everyone quickly. I am not a fan of waiting and absolutely not fond of making my family and friends wait for the food. If this is what you believe as well, get a grill that offers at least 150 square inches of grilling space.

A formula that I use when I pick my grills. Based on experience, 40 square inches of cooking area translates to a person serving. So, use this formula and based on what you need, get a grill that serves your needs.

Also, do take note that getting a large grill with a bigger dimension doesn’t necessarily translate to a large cooking area. The design of the grill plays a pivotal part in the cooking area. Some models are large but offers a pitiable grilling area, while others may not seem as grandiose but offer ample cooking space, very much like the thin bezels on smart devices today.

Ideal Feature #2. Easy To Start

You do not want to spend a lot of time getting the grill started, so you are looking for a model that offers features to accelerate it. Some portable model, very rare though, offers an electronic starter that helps to light up the coals. Even if that is not readily available, you want to look out for freebies, such as a charcoal chimney, to hasten the process. Moreover, you would want to make sure that the design of the grill allows airflow.

How do you do that then? If you are experienced enough, you can look at how the grill is designed. If not, feedbacks from other users goes a long way too.

Ideal Feature #3. Dampers And Vents Are A Must

To produce great food from a portable charcoal grill, you will have to use the vents and dampers. If there is a model, which I highly doubt so, that doesn’t have any dampers or vents, do not even start to consider them.

Charcoal vents and dampers are used to regulate the flow of air into and out of the grill. This airflow is what feeds your charcoal with oxygen. By feeding or not feeding the charcoal with oxygen, you can control the fire and therefore the heat of the coals. Decent control of the temperature is pivotal towards getting delicious food.

Openings at the bottom of the grill are often referred to as vent, which lets air flow into the charcoal directly. This is what provides the oxygen needed by the charcoal so it can produce intense heat. Openings at the top of the grill are often referred to as dampers, which releases smoke and excess heat from the grill, which effectively lower the temperature. Bearing in mind, dampers and vents can be used interchangeably and depending on who you talk to, can be different from our iteration.

Ideal Feature #4. Good Quality Grates

How you define good quality grates? Usually, it depends on the material. While there is no one size fits all material. Generally, there are 3 types of grates materials that have their own pros and cons. They are steel, cast iron, and porcelain-coated ceramic.

Stainless steel is the most common material used to make cooking grates. They are durable, last long and can distribute heat efficiently. Not forgetting to mention that they are cheap too, so grills grates that use steel are often cheaper to produce. This means that any replacement grates are going to be cheap as well. However, the downside of stainless steel is that they are not non-stick, so food is going to stick onto your grates while cooking. It is not a deal breaker, just remember to spray some oil onto it before grilling.

Cast iron is also often seen in grates. Although they are not as durable as steel, they make up for it in its heat retention ability. Cast iron is often good to use when you want to keep your food warm. The heat retention ability also means that you can use less charcoal, although rather insignificant. The downside of cast iron is also that food sticks to it. Also, to compensate for cast iron lower durability than steel, manufacturers often have to use thicker layers of cast iron. This translate to more weight for the grill.

Porcelain-coated Ceramic is great at heat conduction and heat retention. You can view it as the middle ground between stainless steel and cast iron. Although manufacturers like to equate porcelain coated ceramic as non-stick, we find that that is usually not the case, there isn’t any one material that is non-stick.

As with all 3 materials, you will need to spray a thin layer of oil before using. Beware of flareups though.

Ideal Feature #5. It Should Come With A Lid

Not having this is not a deal breaker as you can always make do with a home-made lid such a sheet of tin foil. However, nothing beats having a bespoke lid that comes with the grill. Having a grill lid opens the possibility of convection cooking, which traps air inside the grill and hastens the cooking time. A good glass lid will also allow you to view the cooking process without the need to open and close the grill constantly.

A big plus if the lid is lockable too. Consider this, you are going to move around with the grill, and it would be for the better if the lid can be secured to the grill. First, it is not going to get lost, and better yet, you will not forget to bring it along.

Ideal Feature #6. Heat Resistant Handles

Consider this. If you are going to move the grill from one spot to another while cooking, you would want to have cool touch handles that allow you to do that. Not having them means you are going to use thick mittens or risk scalding yourself.

Ideal Feature #7. Ash Catcher Tray

Now you are done with the BBQ and you are looking at the mess the charcoal grill has caused. I am not going to understate the difficulty of cleaning up a portable charcoal grill, it is going to dirty and messy. What makes the task bearable is that if the grill offers feature allows easier cleanup. And one of that kind of features is an ash catcher tray.

An ash catcher collects the coals ash beneath the grates to make it convenient for you to clean up. Another point to note is that you will want to make sure that the ashtray is large and deep enough. A shallow one is for display purposes and doesn’t make things any easier for you.

Ideal Feature #8. Stable Base And Legs

Depends on where you are, you may or may not have a stable ground to place your grill over. The last thing you want happened is that the grill topples over and spill your food around as fertilizers. What worse is if you have children or pets around, toppling the grill over is going to risk having hot and scalding food injuring them. And again, depending on where you are, you are not going to find help easily. Let’s prevent that, shall we?

Ideal Feature #9. Removable Parts

If you have the time to dismantle and reassemble the unit after grilling, it is good and great. But, at the very least, you should expect that the ash catcher and grease drip tray, if any, is easily removed and clean. I cannot understate how much of a help this is going to do when you are cleaning up after the grill. When the parts are removable, it is also going to mean that these parts can be replaced when damaged. Hence, you do not have to buy an entire grill again when it is spoilt.

Ideal Feature #10. Constructed With Durable Materials.

If you ask me, I will prefer that the entire portable grill is made of steel. Steel is very durable, cheap and long-lasting. This means that the grill is going to hang around long enough for you to use for years. Luckily for us, steel constructed charcoal portable grills are more of the norm these days.

Ideal Feature #11. Comes With Warranty

If the grill suffers an untimely demise not due to your error. The next logical thing to do is make sure that any replacement of the grill does not take any money out of our own pocket. If the grill is backed by some warranty, that is going to be a big money saver. If there isn’t any free warranty, consider getting one if the option is open. Usually, with a warranty, the replacement cost is going to be a fraction of what you paid. I know that you are thinking that a charcoal grill is cheap anyway – but really, I would love to have a couple more dollars in my pocket than not.

Best Portable Charcoal Grills To Move Around

#1. Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill


If you have no idea what to get. The probability of you getting it right the first time would be this model. This original kettle grill is made by Weber, a trusted brand globally. This model is 14 inches in diameter and can grill up to 3 people worth of food at any one point in time. The material that is used to make this is porcelain enameled.

You are done with your grilling and here comes the headache of clearing those ashes? This model takes that away from you with its’ one touch cleaning system. Yes, you still need to do some work, but it is a lot easier.

Have you ever lifted the lid to serve food but have no idea whether to place that lid? You can’t place it on the floor, that would be unhygienic. You can’t place it on the table; where will you put the food then? Imagine the hassle of walking to and from the table. This is where the lid hook at the side of the grill is useful – a small but welcome gesture.

There are dampers at the top of the lid and vents at the bottom of the grill for better temperature control. Recall that we said that this is a must? To move it around, there are also handles on the lid and at the side of the grills.

As with any portable charcoal grill, the assembly process is also very easy. What’s more, there is a manual to help you with any difficulties.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 15.6 x 15.6 x 9 inches
  • The Grilling Area: 149 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 9.5 pounds.
  • Colors Offered: Black
  • For Stability: 2-Wheelers With 2 Stabilizer Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

It is compact and great for 2 or 3-person grilling. The relatively smaller size makes it easier to clean. Find space to store it is not an issue. It is also easy to put together. The material of this grill is built to last. The catch tray at the bottom makes ash-clearing a breeze.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

Hoping to see some handles by the side. When the grill gets hot, there is practically no way to move it around. Don’t count on the top handle, it gets hot too. There are also no handles for the grilling rack, but it is not a deal breaker

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

People who have used this model for camping trips mentioned that it is easy to do so. It is also mentioned to be durable as it is exposed to elements without any faults. Others have mentioned that is a breeze to assemble the unit. Some have mentioned that it is small and portable enough to move around. There is also a small group that has mentioned that the grill may come damaged.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

Overall, the Weber original kettle will not disappoint for people looking to take it outdoors and have fun grilling.

#2. Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr Kamado Grill


Kamado grills are well known for its egg-shaped grills and thick walls. You may have even seen one at a grill restaurant down the road. This Akorn Jr is made with solid steel and its durability is beyond doubt.

This model is triple walled to maintain heat and can go from 200F to 700F and is comparable to ceramic grills. This means that you can easily sear your meat for that crusty, sweet texture. The grill can cook up to 3 persons worth of food at any one time.

The built-in temperature gauge is useful in determining the precise temperature inside, leaving no room for guesswork and the need for opening the lid to check.

While this model is also 3-legged, it is just more balanced compared to Weber due to its unique egg-shape and low center of gravity. There is a damper right at the top and a sliding vent at the bottom for temperature control. Use it in conjunction with the temperature gauge and there should be not much room for mistakes. If you are wondering about clean up. The Akorn JR comes with an ash pan for easier cleanup.

Comparing to grills on the same portability class, Kamado provides convenient handles for portability and grilling on the go. Kamado also provides a useful chart to guide you on the damper adjustments for varying temperature. The assembly process is also easy, but it might take more time, about 30 minutes, to fully assemble it as compared to a Weber.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 20.5 x 21.5 x 25.3 inches
  • The Grilling Area: 150 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 37 pounds.
  • Structure Material: Cast Iron
  • Grate Material: Cast Iron
  • Colors Offered: Black And Red
  • For Stability: 3 Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

The heat retention ability of this model is impeccable. The weight and shape of this grill make it harder to tip over. The smaller size means you could place it on your dining table with ease. The temperature gauge that comes with it. A masterful stroke.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

The assembly portion can be a real hassle. You need to get the right screws for the right parts.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

People have mentioned that the Kamado grill is harder to assemble compared to other models. One has mentioned that the grill can reach over 700F with only 10 odds coals. Others have mentioned that food is quick to cook using the Kamado. Some have mentioned that there is a slight learning curve towards using this grill.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

The Kamado grill is great for grilling, but not for portability. If you are intending to bring a grill along for the outdoors, consider the Kamado only if you have excess baggage weight to spare. And, if you do, the Kamado will not disappoint.

#3. Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill. Large Charcoal Hibachi-Style Grill

If you love portability and a big fan of cast iron, you will love this grill. Lodge, family-owned business has been making cast iron wares for 120 years. I am not surprised that the grill they make is made from the material that they do best – cast iron!

As we mentioned earlier in the article, cast iron is not the best conductor of heat. Hence, depending on the thickness, the heat may not be spread even as fast as steel. But, in return for that flaw, it retains heat, which means your food stays warm even when charcoal is running low. And for the same amount of charcoal, you can grill longer.

This grill can cook for 4 people worth of food at any one time. Though, it really depends on how big the steaks you are intending to grill are. Read below for the exact dimensions. There is a small sliding vent door at the bottom of the grill for air flow. One small nitpick though – this model does not have a lid and probably wasn’t designed to use with a lid.

The assembling method is also rather simple; with 7 parts and will take about 10 minutes to assemble. The process is also very intuitive. The grate is a ¼ inch thick. Measuring from the top of the bowl to the top of the grate, it is about 1.87 inches high.

What this means is if you fill the charcoal fire bowl to the brim, it will still be 1.87 inches from your food.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 8.2 (H) x 20.1(L) x 10.4(W) inches
  • The Grilling Area: Approximately 155 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 27 pounds.
  • Structure Material: Cast Iron
  • Grate Material: Cast Iron
  • Colors Offered: Black
  • For Stability: 4 Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

The hibachi style grilling is a welcomed difference from the usual models that we are familiar with. The use of cast iron ensures heat retention. While this means slower heating up, but once it does, it stays that way for long. The heavier material also gave it a premium feel.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

This model does not come with a lid, which limits the use of convection heating method for your food. It is not a deal breaker though as boot-strap lids can still be used, though less effective.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

People have mentioned that the Lodge charcoal portable grill is durable and will not fall apart after a couple uses. Some have mentioned that this grill is very stable. This meant that it will not topple easily. However, there are a couple, like what we have mentioned, said that this grill takes up more fuel because of a lack of lid.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

If you love the cast iron Kamado grill we mentioned above but really wanted a lighter one, then Lodge portable charcoal grill will be a good fit. If this is important to you, the grill is made in the USA.

#4. Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch


If you love that 14-inch model we have introduced earlier and thought that you have space for a larger one, Weber has an 18-inch model to answer your needs. This portable charcoal grill features a grilling area of 254 square inches, this is plenty of space to accommodate for up to 6 – 7 people worth of food at any one point in time.

Even with the larger grilling area, this grill is still compact and lightweight enough to bring outdoors. So, now you can have more food without adding more burden to your already-full packing list. To make things even more value for money, this grill features a porcelain-enameled bowl to retain heat, while casting away the weight that cast-iron charcoal grill usually has – pun intended. Moreover, this model has a lid, and porcelain-enameled lid too. This is bringing heat retention to another level.

Moreover, the lid features a Tuck-N-Carry lid lock, which means that the lid will now be secured to the grill and will not be knocked down. As we mentioned, locking the lid to the grill makes it more airtight and benefits convection cooking. One thing to note though, remember to open the grill vents at the bottom when you secure the lid to avoid putting out the fire due to a lack of oxygen.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 19.8 x 20.5 x 19.8 inches
  • The Grilling Area: Approximately 254 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 18 pounds
  • Structure Material: Porcelain – Enameled
  • Grate Material: Plated Steel
  • Colors Offered: Black
  • For Stability: 3 Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

The larger cooking area makes short work of grilling food for larger crowds. Porcelain-enameled bowl and lids make cooking more effective. The lockable is a welcomed feature and is one of the things that we are ideally looking for. Moreover, these feature with the price is a steal.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

The grates of this model are plated steel, while we would have preferred stainless steel. But this may also mean that the grill price will be higher than what it is now.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

People have mentioned that the quality of this grill is absolute and is a great addition to the line of Weber grills. Some users have feedback that the 18-inch model is much more of a fit for bringing outdoors. Owners have also mentioned that the grill is very easy to put together, taking only about 15 minutes to do so.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

Weber always produces quality grills and we expect no less of them. If you have more space in your car, this model will be a great addition.

#5. Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill


The next Weber grill that we are suggesting goes against what you think of Weber – in a good way. We are accustomed to seeing Weber grills in their iconic “kettle-shaped”. This is perhaps the most noteworthy rectangular shaped Weber portable charcoal grill we must mention.

This grill features a cooking area of approximately 160 square inches, which is enough to cook for up to 4 people at any one point in time. As you can guess, this grill is small enough to be brought outdoors. The base of the grill is made of enameled porcelain, which is great for retaining heat. This model also has a lid that is lockable for better convection cooking and added portability.

The legs of this grill are interesting. At first glance, you would think to yourself how stable the legs can be – it is stable. The legs are secured underneath by a clip if you are wondering. The fascinating thing is that the legs can be foldable upwards to seal the lid in place.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 12.2 x 21 x 14.5 inches
  • The Grilling Area: Approximately 160 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 14 pounds
  • Structure Material: Porcelain – Enameled
  • Grate Material: Plated Steel
  • Colors Offered: Black
  • For Stability: Loop Legs With Clips

What Do We Like About This Model?

The rectangular shape makes food placement easier and more intuitive compared to a circle shaped. The shape also makes heat zoning easier. The loop legs are interesting.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

Again, the grates of this model are plated steel, while we would have preferred stainless steel. We will also hope that the legs can be reinforced, maybe thicker or something.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

People have mentioned that the grill is wonderful for small barbecue jobs. And one has mentioned that you can place no charcoal under a certain area to use to keep food warm. Like we have mentioned, zoning on this grill is simpler. One has mentioned that he likes the 6 vents in the charcoal chamber plus 2 more vents on the lid as it made controlling the temperature easier.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

Overall, this is an affordable, well-thought portable charcoal grill to bring along for your next camping trip.

#6. Char-Griller E22424 Tabletop Charcoal Grill


The next model that we going to suggest is the Char-Griller Tabletop Charcoal Grill. This model features a cooking area of 250 square inches, which can cook up to 6 people worth of food at any one point in time. The grill is made with heavy steel, which ensures durability and can last a long time.

For the cooking grates, they are made with cast iron and can retain heat better than steel. You would be able to keep your food warm for a longer time. After the grill, cleaning has been made easier with the sliding drawer and ash pan. Just remove the ash pan and dispose of the waste easily. The sliding allows you to add or remove coals.

While not really our intention, the char-griller can also double up as a side firebox. It can easily be attached to an existing Char-Griller barrel grill for Texas Style horizontal smoking and 250 square inches of extra grilling space. But take heed, if you happen to be able to use it as a side firebox, this process is not reversible.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension:   18.5 x 16 x 17 inches
  • The Grilling Area: Approximately 250 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 38 pounds
  • Structure Material: Steel
  • Grate Material: Cast Iron
  • Colors Offered: Black
  • For Stability: 4 Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

The design of this grill is quite pleasing to the eye – like a barrel. It has a larger cooking area than some of the portable models we looked at.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

The paint of this model is said to peel off after a couple of uses. This model is designed to be used as a smoker rather than a grill.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

People have also mentioned this is more of a smoker than a grill. And most people will eventually use this an add on to the char-griller models that they already have.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

If you already owned a char-griller that this model can be an add on to – then consider this. Else, it would be better to consider the other models that we have on our list to bring outdoors.

#7. Uten Barbecue Grill Portable BBQ Charcoal Grill Smoker Grill for Outdoor Cooking


This small and portable grill can go anywhere with you. Featuring a grill area of approximately 130 square inches. This is still plenty of space to cook for 3 to 4 people. The grill itself is made with iron and the grates are made with chrome wire mesh. It is not our usual material but that contributes to the relatively light weight of this charcoal grill.

What makes this model unique are the foldable legs? When you are going to use it, just rotate legs outwards. To keep it, the folded legs makes it squarish, like a briefcase, where you can just stow away in the corner of the car boot. If you recall the square weber model above, Uten has seemed to heed what the users wanted – sturdier legs.

This model has no lid. At the point of writing, Uten is standing behind its product (not that they don’t usually) by offering a 1-year warranty on it.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 15.6 x 13.5 x 3 inches
  • The Grilling Area: Approximately 130 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 4 pounds
  • Structure Material: Iron
  • Grate Material: Chrome Wire Mesh
  • Colors Offered: Black
  • For Stability: 2 Foldable Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

While this grill is still relatively new to the market. We find that this model checks most of the boxes that we think makes a good portable charcoal grill. Moreover, this model is the lightest portable charcoal grill on our list. It is also the cheapest.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

If the model can be enhanced with a lockable lid, that would be awesome. But that might mean a higher price, which is the competitive advantage of this grill.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

Overall, feedbacks about the model has been good. People are impressed with the portability of the grill when it is folded. One has mentioned that it would be great for camping and fishing.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

Overall, this is a cheap, good and gets thing done model. If you are looking for a short getaway this weekend and don’t intend to spend too much on a portable charcoal grill. This model is nifty and fits your needs.

#8. ISUMER Charcoal Grill Barbecue Portable BBQ Grill


If you like what we have suggested above, but willing to dish out a couple more bucks for one that is made with steel instead of iron. Then, consider the Isumer portable charcoal grill. This grill features a cooking area of approximately 160 square inches which is great for up to 4 people.

The portability of this model is also not compromised and comparable to the Uten model above. To move it around easily, this BBQ grill has 4 detachable legs which are designed to make storage and movement easier. As we have mentioned, this grill is made with thick steel and is more durable, in exchange for a couple more dollars.

The Product Specifications

  • The Model Dimension: 15.9 x 11 x 8.8 inches
  • The Grilling Area: Approximately 160 square inches
  • The Grill Weight: 4 pounds
  • Structure Material: Steel
  • Grate Material: Not Stated
  • Colors Offered: Silver
  • For Stability: 4 Detachable Legs

What Do We Like About This Model?

This model offers more space and uses a better-quality material than Uten for just a marginal increase in price.

What Can Be Done Better About This Model?

The grate is quite thin, and it would be better if it could be made thicker.

What Do People Feedback About This Model?

Overall, feedbacks have suggested that this model is a great value for money. It is also the perfect size for camping to serve 2 to 3 people.

TLDR. In Short, What Do We Think?

Generally, this is a decent model that works. We think that if you are able to fork out a couple more dollars, this would be a good grill to get.

Best Portable Charcoal Grill Is Not Hard to Find

In this extensive guide, we have gone through all the factors that you would have to consider before getting that charcoal portable grill. And we have also made recommendations that you can use to start things off with. If you are still unable to decide which one to get, we suggest that you go with the Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill to start. This model is affordable, intuitive and gets things done. Of course, I do not have to mention that it is portable, which is the gist of this guide.

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