Best Smokeless Gas Grill To Avoid A Hazy Situation

We all love our living quarters fresh and dandy, but we also love our BBQ. There is a problem here, isn’t it? BBQ is known to cause smoke and that is not what we want. Hence, the only logical thing to do is to get a smokeless grill. In this guide, we share everything we know to help you discover the best smokeless grill for your needs.

However, if you have no time to read this guide and just wanted a quick recommendation, we suggest that you go for the Elite Platinum EGL-6501 for a start. This grill is big, heats up quick and hot and is affordable with a good warranty. It should be able to fit most people needs.

If you have the time to spare, we do recommend that you read on.

The Smokeless Grills That We Are Looking At In This Guide

What Are The Things You Should Consider For A Smokeless Grill?

Consideration #1. The Size And Grilling Area

You are most likely going to use these in your apartment. Are you sharing the apartment for you will have to think if you have enough living space for the grill? In addition, you would need to consider how many people are you grilling for? How do we determine how big of a grill you need? To do this, when we are looking for a grill, we usually equate 40 square inches to a person serving.

Consideration #2. The Temperature And Heat Of The Grill

Generally, we would like our smokeless grill to be able to sear meat at the minimum. The temperature of the grill should be able to hit at least 400F to do that. And based on our experience, that smokeless grill, usually an electric grill, should have a power rating in the range of 1200 watts – 1600 watts.

Consideration #3. How Easy Is It To Clean It?

What is the biggest headache after a grill? Surely, it is to clean it. Most of us don’t like to clean, but it is necessary so that it doesn’t attract unwanted pest into the house. Moreover, it is needed to ensure that the grill can last as long as it should be.

Most grill these days comes with features that help us to clean it faster. While they can differ from model to model, the general gist is that we should at least look out for grease drip tray so that you can easily dispose of the oil and grease after cooking. Additional features such as removable plates and lifted design are also extremely helpful in that regard.

Consideration #4. Does It Come With A Lid?

One of the biggest reasons why we hate smoke from grilling is because we don’t want our apartment to smell like steak after our meal. What’s more, when grilling, there is a tendency for oil or butter to splatter all over the place. A lid will be handy to confine the smoke and splattering to the grill. Moreover, the use of a lid also helps to cook the food faster via convection cooking.

An insane number of grills touts to be smokeless. But, to be really smokeless, it has to come with a lid. No matter the design, there are bound to be a small amount of smoke when fats drip onto the heating surface. A lid helps to contain that bit of smoke.

Consideration #5. Whether There Is Warranty On The Smokeless Grill?

Over the years, smokeless grills have decreased in price due to the cutthroat competition in the market – great news for us. However, when the grill gets damaged due to no fault of ours, we would want to be covered with a warranty so that we do not have to fork out cash to get it replaced.

Best Smokeless Grills You Can Find Now

#1. Hamilton Beach 25361 Electric Indoor Searing Grill


The first smokeless grill model that makes our list comes from Hamilton Beach. This smokeless grill is easy to use, a convenient electric grill that can be used in your apartment. The grill features a 118 square inches of cooking area, which is plenty to serve up to 3 people worth of food at any one time.

Of course, we all love that brown, caramelized texture, so for a good sear for your food, this grill can go up to 450 degrees to give you that delicious flavor. However, do remember that you will need to turn down the temperature after the sear to finish the cooking. For precise control of the temperature, there is a temperature dial at the side of the smokeless grill. The different settings are 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and sear – which is 450 degrees.

Yes, we know it is hard not to peek at your food. If you are going to take a closer look while it sizzles, this model hand design has a large gap from the grill, so your hands are safe from the heat so that you will not scald yourself. Although, a variant of the grill does come with a small window at the top of the grill for you to peer through. If you prefer to not to have that window you can get the version without the window for a couple bucks cheaper.

For easier cleaning, the grates can be easily removed. Simply wipe it down with a kitchen towel and get the dishwasher to do the rest. At the point of writing, the grill comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Product Specification At A Glance

  • Cooking Area: 118 square inches.
  • Cooking Temperature: Up To 450F (Sear Mode)
  • Grate Material: Non-Stick Coated Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 6.81 (H) x 16.73 (W) x 12.4 (D) inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Power Rating: 1,200 Watts
  • Cord Length: 2 Foot
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

#2. Power Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid


The next model comes from Power. For those that don’t need to grill for many people, this grill is perfect for one or two persons. This power smokeless grill features a grilling area of 108 square inches which is just right for a couple.

Powering the grill is 1500 watts heating element that can heat this smokeless grill up to as high as 450F. That is just right for searing. For precise temperature control, there is a sleek-looking temperature control panel at the side of the grill. What we love about this model is that it comes with a full glass lid, that lid allows us to look at the food cook in its entirety while keeping oil splatters out.

After the grill, this model has a grease drip tray to pool and capture the unwanted oil and fats for easy disposal. For people who are asthmatic, this grill has a fan system to suck smoke back into the grill so that you don’t have to inhale it. The apartment also would not need to smell like BBQ after the meal.

What makes this model even more value for money is the exchangeable plates. Grill or griddle at your whim. Of course, being exchangeable means that the grill plate can be removed for easy cleaning. At the time of writing, the model comes with a 60 days limited warranty, which is rather short, but better than nothing.

Specifications And Features Of The Grill At A Glance

  • Cooking Area: 108 square inches.
  • Cooking Temperature: Up to 450F.
  • Grate Material: Non-Stick Coated
  • Dimensions: 21 x 15.4 x 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Power Rating: 1,500 Watts (1,200 Watts Available But We Recommend The 1,500)
  • Cord Length: 2 Feet
  • Warranty: 60 Days Limited Warranty

#3. George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press, Black


Another smokeless grill that makes our list comes from George Foreman – a big name in the industry. This grill features a grilling area of 60 square inches which is perfect for the individual dweller. We know that the name of the grill touts it to be able to cook up to 4 people but trust me, this grill will only be good for one, or two depending on what you cook.

What we like about this model is the sloped surface. The sloped grilling surface is designed to drain the fat and grease from your food and onto the catch tray. Without this design, your food will most likely be swimming in grease – which is not really healthy.

I used to slap butter and olive oil onto the plates so that my pork chop will not stick onto the surface. Now, you can totally avoid that due to the non-stick coating, the meat will just slide off the grill and onto your plate. It makes cleaning easier too.

This model also has removable plates which are a necessity these days, really. What it does is that it makes cleaning and storing easier and this product does exactly that. Couple with that sloped surface, cleaning has never been easier. Some of us like thicker cuts of meat. If you are also one of us, the adjustable floating hinge can allow you to do that but do take note that it is only an inch.

This George Foreman does not allow you to set the temperature. There is only one temperature of approximately 400F

There is a 3-years warranty with the purchase of this grill and there is an option to purchase an additional 2-years. We think that the additional warranty is not needed but it is really up to your preference. Note, check with the manufacturer before purchase as the warranty terms may change from time to time and might be different from the time that we wrote this guide.

Specifications And Features Of The Grill At A Glance

  • Cooking Area: 60 square inches.
  • Cooking Temperature: Approximately 400F
  • Grate Material: Non-Stick Coated
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 12.2 x 13.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.55 pounds
  • Power Rating: 1,150 Watts (1,200 Watts Available But We Recommend The 1,500)
  • Cord Length: 2 Feet
  • Warranty: 3-years Limited Warranty

#4. Elite Platinum EGL-6501 XL Indoor Electric Grill, Nonstick Grilling Surface

The next model that makes out list comes from Elite Platinum. The rectangular model features a grilling area of 192 square inches which is great for making food for up to 5 people at any one point in time. Powering the grill is a 1,300 watts M-shaped heating element that can heat up to 450F, which is controlled by a temperature knob with settings from 250F – 450F. The M-shaped element helps to distribute heat more evenly. To avoid sticky situations where you can’t seem to separate the skin from the grate, it is nonstick coated.

As we have mentioned, a lid is a kind of essential to be entirely smoke-free. This model does come with a full glass lid to do that and also allows you to look at your food sizzles. Mm Hmm.

After the event, cleaning up your grill is also made simple. The cooking grate is detachable from the unit so you can wipe and place in the dishwasher for the next round. Elite Platinum is currently standing behind its product by offering a 1-year warranty on it. They have claimed that if you encounter any problem while using it, they will send you a replacement free of charge.

Specifications And Features Of The Grill At A Glance

  • Cooking Area: 192 square inches.
  • Cooking Temperature: 250 F – 450F
  • Grate Material: Non-Stick Coated
  • Dimensions: 24.1 x 16.9 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 10.12 pounds
  • Power Rating: 1,300 Watts
  • Cord Length: 2 Feet
  • Warranty: 1-years Limited Warranty

#5. TOCHO Electric Indoor Heating Smokeless Table Grill


The last, but not the least, model in our list comes from TOHO. This is not a big brand but the grill they make checks our requirement for a quality grill and we see no reason not to recommend it to you. Firstly, this grill is decently large. Featuring a grill area of approximately 150 square inches, this grill makes plenty for up to 3 – 4 people at any one point in time.

Powering the grill is an embedded heating element that can produce heat up to approximately 450F. Also, like the George Foreman smokeless grill, this grill also features a sloped grooves design, where the fats and grease will slip down the grates and collected in the drip tray beneath.

Of course, this grill comes with a tempered glass lid to keep smoke in, if it even produces smoke. The cooking grates are made with non-stick coated marble. To clean it, you can submerge the entire unit in water after you remove the control probe with the cord.

However, this model warranty is unclear to us so you would need to contact the manufacturer before purchase to gain clarity on it.

Specifications And Features Of The Grill At A Glance

  • Cooking Area: 150 square inches.
  • Cooking Temperature: Approximately 450F
  • Grate Material: Non-Stick Coated Marble
  • Dimensions: 17 x 16.8 x 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.35 pounds
  • Cord Length: Approximately 2 Feet
  • Warranty: Non-Stated

Smokeless Grill For A Fresher Apartment

In this guide, we have gone through some of the must-haves when you are looking for the best smokeless grill for your apartment. We have also given you some smokeless grills to start with. If, on the off chance, that you are still unclear on which one to go with first, we suggest that you start with the Elite Platinum EGL-6501. This grill is big enough to accommodate 5 people with ease and when you have no idea how much food you are going to make, a bigger one is surely better. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a conundrum.

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